All-new Mazda3


Outstanding fuel economy, superior environmental performance

The all-new Mazda3 combines an exhilarating driving experience and exceptional fuel economy (from 5.1l/100km), with low CO2 emissions from just 119 g/km^. This impressive environmental performance is achieved with technology such as i-stop and our advanced SKYACTIV Technology.

Another contributor to the impressive fuel efficiency is the car's leading aerodynamic performance.

^With the SKYACTIV-G 1.5 litre petrol engine.

i-stop technology   Better fuel efficiency from an efficient car with no compromise

Inspired by cyclists, our i-stop system positions the pistons perfectly to quickly restart the engine.

i-stop improves your car's environmental performance by switching off your engine when you're idling in traffic. You'll hardly notice this happen because i-stop restarts your engine more quickly and smoothly than most stop-start systems. So your engine's ready to go as soon as you want it. i-stop is available with both our automatic and manual transmissions.

The winner of several technology awards, this is the world's only start-stop system that uses combustion energy to restart. Just one more way that we defy convention.

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