All-new Mazda3


A finely crafted car interior includes mobile connectivity

Step inside and realise how unusually spacious this car interior is among hatchbacks. Settle into the sport style seats and appreciate the attention to detail of this driving environment. The luxurious feel of the soft fabrics. The premium look of the satin chrome and tactile finishes. For an even greater sense of luxury, leather seats are available.

We've taken the craftsmanship to a new level in this driving environment. It's the first Mazda - and one of the first cars in this class - to offer MZD Connect - our mobile connectivity system (available on Executive grade up). Another way we're taking driving entertainment to a new level.

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Need space in the back? Life's easier with our flexible seating system

MZD Connect mobile connectivity system    Enjoy online music and social media

The mobile connectivity system connects to your smartphone, playing through your car stereo and displaying on the 7″ touchscreen.

Linking up with your mobile connectivity system, the large 7″ touchscreen enables you to easily control and view your navigation (Optional Extra) and infotainment menus.

Your multimedia commander sits between the front seats, giving you safe and easy control of your audio, internet and phone functions.

Advanced in-car mobile connectivity, offered for the first time with a Mazda, enables you to enjoy a range of online services via your smartphone. Access a wide range of internet radio stations from around the world, and safely stay in touch with texts, Facebook and Twitter while on the move.

Features like the large 7″ LCD colour touchscreen set in a satin-chrome case, and your multimedia commander unit positioned conveniently between the front seats, are designed to be easier to use than conventional multimedia controls. With mobile connectivity like this, from the luxurious comfort of your driving environment, you're free to enjoy an entertaining and safe driving experience.

Active Driving Display^   Helping you keep your eyes safely on the road

Your crucial safety and driving information is projected as a virtual image - where and when you need it.

The Active Driving Display is another of our pioneering new features that combines a striking aesthetic with a valuable functional purpose. This clear panel - positioned vertically in the perfect line of sight for the driver - displays key driving information including speed, navigation guidance (Optional Extra) and a variety of active safety alerts.

As you start your engine, the Active Driving Display rises into its vertical position. And as you start driving, you'll see the safety and comfort benefits of seeing your key information projected as a virtual image - without having to avert your eyes from the road.

^(High Grade)

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