New Mazda6


Performance and efficiency without compromise

We’ve extensively evolved the driving dynamics and performance of the new Mazda6 Saloon to make the driving experience even more pleasurable for you and your passengers. No detail has been overlooked. Our latest SKYACTIV engines feature technology that makes moving from a standing start smooth and swift, with no delay or hesitation, giving you precise control.

We've optimised the acceleration so that even the slightest change in foot pressure on the accelerator adjusts the power to match your exact intentions. The new Mazda6 Saloon will reward you with its power, agility and exhilarating road handling and that Jinba Ittai feeling of joy and connectedness as it responds to your every command. Our excellent G-force combined with enhancements to reduce noise, vibration and harshness, make driving feel safer and more enjoyable than ever before.

See what's easy to miss Important warning signs projected on to the windscreen

You can't have eyes everywhere, unless you drive a Mazda6. Our innovative Traffic Sign Recognition with windshield projection alerts you to important road signs, even if you've missed them. With four cameras and eight sensors all around the car, the Mazda6 turns safety into driving pleasure.

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upquote Be alerted to important road signs, even if you've missed them downquote

Windscreen-projected Active Driving Display

Daily driving is made so much easier with our latest Active Driving Display. Now you no longer need to keep glancing down for key vehicle and road information, it's right in front of you on the windscreen. See information about your driving environment, including turn-by-turn navigation and speed limits, as well as essential information about the drive.

360° View Monitor

City parking and manoeuvring becomes much less of a challenge with our new 360° View Monitor. Four cameras and eight sensors give you eyes all around the car. When reversing or backing out of a garage, an alarm sounds when obstacles are close. The cameras help you to see blind spots, the distance to obstacles at T-Junctions and as you drive past other vehicles. You get a bird's eye view of the area around the vehicle when parking, not just what's ahead or behind you.(Platinum+)

SKYACTIV engines

The instant you need it, the latest SKYACTIV-G 2.0 and SKYACTIV-D 2.2 engines deliver responsive power and a feeling of confidence that there is more in reserve if you need it. It's about more than power, it's about control. Press the pedal and the new Mazda6 will pull away smoothly, matched to the pressure you apply, giving you exactly the power you desire.

Advanced suspension

From the very first drive, you and your passengers will notice the quality of the ride and how comfortable you feel on any road surface and wherever you go. Our engineering team made significant improvements to the suspension system in order to make it more supple when the G-forces are low, for comfort on tight city streets, and more stable when G-forces are high, on long, winding country roads.

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