Outstanding environmental performance, fuel efficiency and low CO2 emissions

The Mazda6 Saloon uses the full array of SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY to deliver a leading environmental performance and fuel economy without compromising the pleasure of your driving experience.

The highly efficient SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY engines and transmissions, dovetail with the light yet strong SKACTIV-BODY shell to place this car among the leaders in fuel efficiency and low CO2 emissions. Yet it still provides comparable or better power than other cars in the segment. So we've again defied convention by creating a car with an advanced environmental performance - without impacting the driving performance.

i-ELOOP system^    Another clever way to improve environmental performance and fuel economy

The i-ELOOP display on your dashboard (right-hand display) shows how much electricity you're generating when you decelerate, and how much charge you have.

This is our first car to feature i-ELOOP, a system we developed to power the electrics using energy generated when the car decelerates. i-ELOOP contributes to a significant fuel economy improvement - especially as our unconventional capacitor stores and releases electricity more quickly, efficiently and durably than other systems.

Around 10% of an engine's power is usually converted to electricity to power a car's electrics. With i-ELOOP, the engine doesn't have to create electricity while propelling the car. And with 100% of engine power used for propulsion, this improves the car's fuel efficiency and environmental performance.

^Available on Diesel Models

i-ELOOP system^    Another clever way to improve environmental performance and fuel economy

Watch our video to see how the i-stop system operates.

i-stop improves your car's environmental performance by switching off your engine when you're idling in traffic. You'll hardly notice this happen because i-stop restarts your engine more quickly and smoothly than most stop-start systems. So your engine's ready to go as soon as you want it. i-stop is available with both our automatic and manual transmissions.

The winner of several technology awards, this is the world's only start-stop system that uses combustion energy to restart. Just one more way that we defy convention.

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