A striking car exterior with our KODO design body styling

This car's body styling is created around our 'KODO - Soul of Motion' design theme. KODO design is inspired by the smooth power and agility of the cheetah. So this car design has a sporty flair that expresses motion when you look at the car, provoking an emotional response from your first impression.

With a strong stance that conveys vitality, it's a dynamic looking car exterior that gives the driver a sense of excited anticipation about the driving pleasures that lie ahead.

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Mazda alloy wheels    Create an even more sporty and dynamic impression

The 17-inch alloy wheel has a sturdy appearance that underlines the strength with which it supports the car's driving performance.

The 19-inch alloy wheel has five pairs of twisted spokes in a strong-looking structure that emphasises the car's dynamic body styling.

Unusually among cars in this class, alloy wheels come as standard with the Mazda6. We've designed these precision cast Mazda alloy wheels to complement the dynamic body styling of the Mazda6. With a choice of 17″ or 19″ alloy wheels with twisted spokes, you can reinforce the sense of refined strength that's evident with this car.

These high performance wheels are engineered to ensure you experience maximum grip and control as you thrill in those exciting bends and corners.

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