KODO Design

Mazda Hazumi: Concept Car

HAZUMI - the latest Mazda concept for a B-segment car - yet another example of the vast potential of the KODO design language adapted to different vehicles of different sizes. HAZUMI is a Japanese word meaning to "bound" or "spring up" and was chosen to convey an image of a small but vigorous animal, bursting with energy. In the Mazda HAZUMI the essence of KODO- Soul of Motion has been captured in a compact body without losing an ounce of impact.

Refusing to bow to the conventions of the subcompact class and refusing to compromise in any of the four key areas of Mazda's vehicle engineering, the Mazda HAZUMI points the way for Mazda's next-generation subcompact fully equipped with Mazda's SKYACTIV Technology. The HAZUMI unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show 2014 combines Mazda's newly developed 1.5-litre SKYACTIV-D clean and powerful diesel engine, MZD Connect and Mazda's cutting-edge range of i-ACTIVSENSE safety features.

Gallery   See the first example of the KODO design language in a supcompact, in all its dynamic glory.

The Mazda HAZUMI brings together all four of the elements Mazda is focusing on with its new generation models: KODO - Soul of Motion design, SKYACTIV Technology, Mazda Proactive Safety, and a new in-car connectivity system called MZD Connect.

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