Mazda Safety

Keeping you safe, so you can enjoy the drive

Our intelligent i-ACTIVSENSE safety technologies are designed so that you can enjoy total confidence in the drive ahead. By helping the driver to recognise potential hazards, avoid collisions where possible and reduce the severity of unavoidable accidents, it's yet another way in which Mazda connects the driver with the car through our Jinba ittai philosophy.

MAZDA RADAR CRUISE CONTROL Automatically maintain a safe distance from the car in front

To us, what's important is that you enjoy the best possible driving experience, whatever the conditions. As you drive, Mazda Radar Cruise Control continually measures the gap between you and the vehicle in front and keeps you at a constant safe distance. It's ideal for long drives and on motorways, making your journeys more pleasurable and relaxing.

TRAFFIC SIGN RECOGNITION See important warning signs, even if you've missed them

Our latest Traffic Sign Recognition system projects straight on to the windscreen so you are always alerted to important road signs, even if you've missed them. Because the information is right in front of you, there's no need to adjust focus or move your line of vision from the road and what is happening around you, allowing you to enjoy the journey.

LANE KEEP ASSIST and LANE DEPARTURE WARNING Keeping you in the right lane

Safety innovation should improve the driving experience for you and your passengers. Our Lane Departure Warning system detects the markings on the road and warns you, with a subtle pulse, if you are veering from your lane unintentionally. If needed, Lane-Keep Assist will adjust the steering to guide you safely back into the centre of your lane. It's ideal when you're driving on long, straight roads and motorways to help you focus on the road ahead. And when you signal to change lanes or accelerate, your manoeuvre is intentional so the alarm stays off.

BLIND SPOT MONITORING Keeping an eye on things that you might miss

Every drive should be as stress-free as possible. So, because your mirrors can't give you the whole picture, your Mazda does. When you're thinking of changing lanes, our Blind Spot Monitoring uses radars to see where you can't, alerting you to traffic approaching from behind the car that might be obscured in your blind spot. If you indicate to change lanes when the system detects traffic approaching you, you'll hear an alert and see a flashing warning in the door mirror. Added reassurance, so you enjoy a more relaxed journey.


Advanced Blind Spot Monitoring with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert (ABSM w/RCTA) uses a millimetre-wave radar sensor to monitor the blind spot areas to the sides and rear of your Mazda, keeping you alert of approaching vehicles when changing lanes. The system becomes operational at speeds over 30 km/h. If you switch on a turn signal the system detects vehicles approaching from behind, it warns you with a flashing indicator in the respective door mirror and sounds an alert. The system also uses the same sensor for its RTCA function, which monitors your Mazda's surroundings when reversing, alerting you when it detects vehicles approaching from the sides.

SMART CITY BREAK SUPPORT Senses when to stop faster than you do

We believe in helping you react faster to any dangers on the road. Our Smart City Brake Support system uses sensors to continually monitor the speed between you and obstacles in front and the closing distance. If you get too close and there's a risk of collision, the brakes are primed to help you stop more quickly. Or, in an emergency, the brakes will be applied automatically if needed. The system not only recognises vehicles, it detects pedestrians and reads traffic signs. If you exceed speed limits, you'll be alerted. Thinking smarter and faster, for a safer drive.

ADAPTIVE LED HEADLIGHTS Lights that think further ahead

A clear view of the road ahead not only increases safety, it should enhance the driving experience. Our latest Adaptive LED Headlights use 12 separate LED elements and automatically dip when you approach oncoming traffic or a car in front of you to avoid dazzling other drivers. Only the lights that are in the driver's line of sight are turned off, so you have a better view of the road than if the entire light was dipped. On motorway journeys, the lights automatically rise up to illuminate more of the road ahead. Improvements to the array of LEDs help detect pedestrians more quickly and enhance visibility when driving around corners, making for a safer and less tiring journey at night.

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