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why we use cookies

Cookies not only help us to provide you with a seamless, secure experience while using our website, but help us to ensure that interaction with the content of our website is as comfortable as possible. Cookies help us to understand your usage history and to only show content that is relevant to you. On this page, you can see the types of cookies and information that we process, and can adjust your settings if you need to. 

what are cookies?

Most websites record small amounts of information about your activity on the site. This information is in the form of a small text file and is known as a cookie. This is stored on your personal computer.

As we are always looking to give you the best possible experience, our site runs optimally with cookies enabled. They allow us to remember you when you return to our site as well as identify and resolve errors - giving you a faster, more personal experience. Additional data is only stored if volunteered by you, such as when you provide information through a test drive request.

Cookies can’t harm your computer and we take the selection of  all the third-party suppliers who may set cookies for marketing purposes very seriously.

required cookies

The cookies declared by us as being required store information that is needed to ensure the functions of our website. These include the storage of log-in data, language selection and ‘session’ cookies. These are deleted when you close your browser and cannot be deactivated.


At Mazda we distinguish two categories of functional cookies. On the one hand, so-called location cookies are collected. Here, the information about your location is determined very comfortably via the browser, so that you no longer have to enter it personally in our form fields. On the other hand, our service My Mazda collects user-based session cookies, which are necessary to be able to use the service.


These cookies help us to understand how visitors use our site and what content really interests you. With tools like Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, we can optimize your experience on the website step by step.


Our website isn't the only way you can contact Mazda. We are also active on Facebook, on other social media channels and through advertising campaigns on other platforms. And of course we also want to offer you content that is relevant and exciting for you outside of the Mazda platforms. For this we use so-called targeting and marketing cookies.


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