Our #MazdaDiscovers YouTube series brings you up close and personal with some of the world's most unique craftsmen. Like Mazda, these artisans are dedicated to combining traditional techniques with a modern approach, crafting extraordinary objects, art, and culinary experiences. Their inspiring stories are narrated by YouTube creators who share a similar passion for their craft.


Filmmaker Denis Barbas embarks on a captivating journey from Italy to Prague, in the Mazda CX-60, for the new season of #MazdaDiscovers. Through his lens, we meet Oliver Braun, a young master craftsman who founded one of the most reputable stucco studios in the Czech Republic at just 20 years of age. Like Mazda, Oliver and Denis celebrate the union of artistry and history.


Oliver Braun is far from your average craftsman. He founded his stucco studio at the tender age of 20 and has since grown his team to around 30 professionals - including sculptors, restorers, and material experts. He’s participated in exclusive projects, such as the extensive reconstruction of the Czech Republic Parliament building facade.

His meticulous craftsmanship extends beyond mere aesthetics. Oliver uses a variety of techniques like pulling profiles, forming, and modelling to transform structures into living narratives. His approach aligns closely with Mazda's dedication to sustainability through intelligent design and efficient engineering.

Denis Barbas is a content creator from Italy, which is where his journey to meet Oliver starts. Driving through some of Rome’s most well-known landmarks, he crosses over into the beautiful Czech Republic countryside before arriving in Prague, Oliver’s home. Here, Denis dives deep into what initially motivated Oliver and still continues to fuel passion for his craft. Among these is a strong commitment to sustainability, which manifests in his philosophy of restoring rather than replacing historic buildings. For Oliver, this isn't just about environmental responsibility, it's about retaining the historical and cultural value of structures within their original context.

Oliver's focus on sustainability isn't just a personal choice; it's a practice that has far-reaching implications in the world of design and engineering. This aligns closely with Mazda's own dedication to sustainability, illustrated in their intelligent design and efficient engineering. Just as Oliver transforms materials and techniques from the past into modern masterpieces, Mazda looks to sustainable solutions for future transportations.

This commonality extends beyond philosophy and into the specifics of their craft. The craft of plasterwork holds a unique resonance with Mazda's clay modelling process, where artists carefully shape the template that becomes the final car design.

Oliver Braun's dedication to his craft and the values of historical preservation make him a fitting subject for the #MazdaDiscovers series. Just as Braun aims to extend the life and narrative of historical buildings, Mazda seeks to enrich lives through meticulously designed vehicles that embody similar values.

Stay tuned for upcoming episodes where we'll continue to journey into the fascinating worlds of craftsmanship and artistry. Next on the agenda: the age-old art of leather making in Spain, featuring Oliver Astrologo and master craftsman José Luis Bazán.